Stage/Set Design & Set-up

The design and concept creation of stage/sets for programmes or events such as:

• Church meetings

• Church stages

• Musical concerts

• Political rallies

• TV presentations

• Fashion parades

• Award ceremonies

The second phase includes the set-up and construction of the stage/set, concept design, depending on the details of the project. The Stage Set-Up phase is composed of the following levels:

Presentation & Concept Design in 3D or 2D

Development of concepts for stage and sets, 3D or 2D design of concepts developed.

Dimensioning of Stage/Set Elements

After approval of Stage/Set design concept by client, all props featured in the concepts are to be analyzed and dimensions determined in relation to set-up location.

Design of Large Format Maps for Backdrops & Props

Once dimensions have been defined, approved maps on props and stage backdrops, are to be designed to actual size as specified in the design concept for the Stage/Set.

Costing/Material Identification & Printing of all Prop Maps for Set-up

At this service point, material types are identified and assigned to each prop that constitute the stage design concept.

Costing is then carried out using all available details such as:Dimensions of props, materials specified, labour (outsourced or in-house), transportation of labour, equipment & props etc.

Set-up & Construction of Stage/Set to Design Specifications

At this service level, which is the final process level, approved stage/set concept design is fabricated or constructed to fit specified stage or space at the event location. After constructions or fabrications are complete, all fabricated props are set up as design on location. At this point the project is said to be completed.

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