Project & Business Development

  • The greatest of trees come from seeds. Whether they are small businesses, medium scale projects or large conglomerates, all that is required to start is a well-crafted idea. Understanding the need, the purpose and the direction of an idea from the very beginning in such a way that it can be explained and translated into form, is the ultimate guarantee of success. In delivering ideation services, we help our clients define their thoughts in crystal clear terms, identify the value to be created or derived from the implementation of the idea, craft a vision statement and identify in broad terms the key requirements, stakeholders and processes to be associated with the idea.
  • Can an idea be meaningfully achieved? With feasibility processes we help our clients analyse the scope of the idea and the overall technology or methodology required to achieve it. We help them discover if their ideas can be meaningfully and practically achieved. We roll up our sleeves and get to the field to conduct surveys and interface with communities at the proposed project or business location to understand the terrain. We analyse the economic, social and political factors that may affect the workability of the idea. This process helps parties in projects identify their obligations and reckon with the risks involved. The technical, legal and financial questions are answered at this stage under a number of workable options. For commercial ideas we readily ask if there is a demand and if the ideas can produce financial returns; for non-commercial ideas we are concerned about the impact they can make.
  • Once an idea has scaled through feasibility, it’s time for business! At this stage, we deal with the specifics. We detail out the business model, the valuechain, the operational requirements, the daily inputs and outputs, the allocation and mitigation of risks, timelines, the establishment and implementation cost of the project or business, projected revenues, profits, and impact. Key parties and management staff are described and enlisted. Critical project agreements and documents such as vendor and offtake agreements are advised to be signed.
  • Money should be the last concern when it comes to implementing ideas. Most investors would readily put money into well prepared deals. We are happy to help our clients pitch their ideas that have gone through feasibility and viability processes and provide them guidance on the relevant avenues for financing their projects or businesses.
  • The joy of planting a seed is seeing a fully grown tree bearing fruit. From ideas to execution, we stand with our clients all the way. We give the administrative and technical support that may be required to fully commission and commence projects. From managing ground-breaking events to recruiting teams and managing operations, we add value consistently to our clients’ endeavours.

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