Consultancy Services

We strive to provide our clients high quality products and services to meet program and project objectives, drawing on our seasoned in-house, national and international capability.

1. Legal Services

Agricultural Development

  • Design and implementation of sustainable agricultural projects
  • Conduct of feasibility studies
  • Farm management advice for crops, livestock, agro-forestry and aquaculture
  • Establishment and strengthening of agricultural advisory services

Rural Development

  • Design and implementation of community driven development (CDD) and poverty alleviation interventions
  • Conduct of poverty mapping and participatory rural appraisal (PRA)
  • Participatory development of non-farm rural livelihood opportunities

Social and Environmental Development

  • Conduct of environmental impact assessment (EIA), strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
  • Environmental monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide services in ecosystem management, watershed management and community-based natural resource management (NRM)
  • Design and implementation of initiatives for social safeguards, livelihoods and conflict resolution
  • Design and implementation of initiatives for gender equality

Monitoring and Evaluation and Scaling Up

  • Conduct of baseline surveys and impact evaluations
  • Independent monitoring of outputs, outcomes and impact of interventions
  • Conduct of scalability assessments
  • Support for scaling up agricultural, economic and social development interventions

Capacity Building

  • Training and facilitation of mentoring and attachments for agricultural and rural development, institutional reform and partnerships
  • Facilitation of workshops
  • Support for the development of policies and strategies

2. Legal Services

  • To bring simplicity out of chaotic social and legal dilemmas; to help people attain satisfaction from wholesome understanding and resolution of their issues and general matters in life.

Legal advice and risk mitigation

  • Providing cross-border legal advice that helps individuals in mitigating risks in their family, business and corporate endeavours

Contracts & Projects Document Vetting

  • Analysis and advice on terms of sundry contracts
  • Contract terms interpretation and vetting

Private Inquiries & Investigation

  • Identity and document checking

Legal Research & Reports

  • Off-line and on-line research on legal and social topics for professional or educational interests
  • Legal Report editing and compilation

Property Management

  • Land titles verification; physical property inspection
  • Property leasing, maintenance and supervision

Corporate Management

  • Incorporation of Companies & Other Company Structure Matters: Registration of business names and incorporation of companies; change of registered address, change of directors, return of allotments, share capital increase, annual returns filing, et cetera
  • Institutional Management and Administration: Handling of company’s administrative, financial and human resource matters; preparation of documents; participation in negotiations and securing necessary internal legal approvals; coordinating the implementation of the legal department’s strategic training and development initiatives; managing assets and facilities
  • External Advisory Company Secretary Functions: advising on companies’ board meetings and other company compliance matters, providing legal support for commercial transactions, contract drafting and reviews; vetting of legal documents; legal advice on business unit planning and operations; coordination of external auditors, solicitors and advocates
  • Human Capacity & Foreign Language Development: Corporate trainings:  Information Technology Courses, French, HR trainings
  • Documentation and Archiving: regularization of filing systems, application/admission/ fees and salary payments/training modules

Arbitration & ADR Consultancy

  • Linking clients, who desire speed and efficiency in the resolution of their disputes outside of the courts, with professional arbitrators and alternative dispute resolution experts
  • Other Legal Consultancies
  • Advice on Austrian embassy’s verification for persons seeking resident permits; visas for studies, family reunion, marriage, asylum, et cetera. Special legal research done and reports given in the following areas: adoption, forgery, registration of birth, asylum, prisons, employment and application of foreign laws and orders.
  • Advice on documentary appeals for applicants at immigration tribunals or embassies
  • Translation of legal travel documents: English-French; French-English.